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Welcome to Orpington Badminton Club

We promote physical fitness in a fun, safe, and clean environment.

We are located close to Orpington Station. 

Become a member today!

About OBC

We are Orpington Badminton Club (OBC), one of the oldest in this area; we've been around for almost 70 years!

We have around 25–30 members, all adults of different ages from 19 to 65. Some who play competitive social games are county members. Alas, OBC sadly does not cater to beginners or juniors. 
We are a non-profit club, so at the beginning of the season, we just work out the costs of the hall and shuttles and divide them among members. It's really that simple.

Unlike other clubs, we play 12 months a year, literally every week, unless there's a snow blizzard and we can't get into the hall. 

We play for two hours, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., on Thursday evenings at Darrick Wood Secondary School Sports Centre, Lovibonds Avenue, BR6 8ER. 

We allow a maximum of 20 players on club nights and use Yonex AS10 feather shuttles. 

We have the use of the whole sports centre. The lighting is good and free of any obstructions. 

There is free parking as you come up the school’s driveway and turn left. Also, there are changing rooms and shower facilities, should you need them. 

We have no clicky groups and always promote fair play. We are a friendly bunch, but competitive at the same time.

We currently use the E-Badders application to play doubles matches. The application picks partnerships at random. and at the end of the night (depending on the number of wins), you will be given a ranking as a percentage. 

We organise social nights out now and then. 

OBC traditions promote fairness and encourages everyone to have a good night of badminton. 

How to attend the club as a new guest 

As a new guest please go to our contact page so we can provide further information on how to come to the club. 
We encourage three sessions as a guest so the committee can monitor your progress before deciding. 

As a guest, you will get to meet our friendly members and settle in to the club.

Our club night attendance is monitored on WhatsApp. 
We have a guest group that you will be put into initially.

Club members take priority over guests at club nights, but if there is availability, a message will be sent. 

Once you become a member, you will be moved over to our members group.

How to become a member

We encourage three sessions as a guest so we can monitor your progress before making a decision.

A member of the committee will then ask if you would like to join the club; if the response is yes, we will complete a vote. 

You will then be informed of the voting result, followed by a welcome email to the club, including the membership cost to pay (the fee includes Badminton England affiliation). 

Also, if we feel you meet the required standard right away, you will be asked if you would like to join the club.

Club Fees

The guest fee is £10 per session, payable on the night. We encourage bank transfers but cash is also accepted (please inform the club treasurer or a committee member once you have paid).

The match fee is £12 for members playing in league matches.

OBC Committee

Club Captain & Secretary (new member & new guest enquiries)

Match Secretary & Club Treasurer

Committee Member

Mark Brewster

Contact Information

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

If you are interested in coming to our club night as a guest please e-mail the club directly at or via our social icons.

An introductory reply will be sent so we can get to know you better along with information on how club night runs.

We are on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube!  Please like and follow.

Match Information

The club plays its ONWK Levels and RRBA Men's 4's Home League Matches on Monday Evenings between 8-10 pm within Darrick Wood Sports Centre & Darrick Wood Gymnasium.

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